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I always knew the older I grew, that there was part of me that loved a country I’d never even been to. Africa for me seemed like a paradise. No matter what news that Africa became, or whether that news was good or bad, I always loved and still do love Africa. Africa’s people, Africa as a place, its sounds and atmosphere, no matter North to East, Africa is perfect in so many ways.

As you can probably tell, I’ll never be able to describe how much this country actually means to me, and that’s more than most things, but if you do anything, do what you know has been placed in your heart to do, or go where that is that has always been in your heart to go, because you’ll never regret it, and you’ll always be thankful for it.

I hope you can get a glimpse of the first ever place I went to in Africa, and how much joy its people and just being on its sand red ground brought to me through some pictures from my experience. Enjoy, Uganda.


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One of the many beautiful girls attending the Fields Of Life primary school in Uganda. Believe me when I say each and every young person I met did not have little dreams, and every morning before class started that reminded us all, as well as themselves that “God is good all the time, and all the time God is good and that’s his nature.”



The nicest and coolest boys you could ever meet in Uganda, Crispus being one among them. Crispus himself had such a major impact on me for his happiness and vibe that he carried each and everyday we were at the primary school. He constantly had me asking “Where’s Crispus?” Just to have even more fun than Uganda was already bringing straight to me.



Uganda’s red sand


This is Chosen, a girl at the secondary school we went to, to run a programme for all those graduating in our second week there. Chosen, one day on lunch decided that all of us needed a cup of something hot much more than she did on of the days we were there for this break time, just one example of how much heart people in Uganda actually have. And how much more important is having love, and joy and a good heart than anything else.


THE TEAM! and of course, there, right above my head, Auntie Rachel.


As is the Ugandan proverb, “An elephant can never fail to carry its tusks.”



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