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Newcastle, Upon Tyne

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Believe it or not, this year, 2017, has brought me to a place completely unexpectedly. A place not once, but so far, three times. Yes, i have ventured to Newcastle, England, three times in not even the space of a year… not even half a year. Who knew that I, Rosie, would go to, and actual enjoy myself somewhere other than Africa, enough to fly back.

My first visit to Newcastle happened within two weeks of its first mention with none other than my side, Sara. Sara and I have serious problems with thinking, thus don’t think. Sometimes not at all, but so far, this has been a method that works well in our adventures as a team hahaha. This trip brought us experiences like never before, bumping, literally, into people we never expected to, but people we clearly from continuing conversations and lasting private jokes will never forget, and dancing beyond any limitations we have placed upon us back home haha. We enjoyed ourselves very much, thus, booked ourselves ( or shall we say Sara’s tab booked us ) our second trip back.  We’ll give the name of ‘Birds’ to the first trip over, being a title, i’ll leave for you, the reader, to have your own assumption of. Be a human of the word yes’, even for one night of your life.

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Connections had been made, connections has been lost, but nevertheless rather than a shared student household like we stayed in the first time, as fun as it was, we not only ungraded to premier inn, but added one extra night to have have fun. Actually though, even though night times did bring the dancing, random situations and conversations that exist only in memory (or not in memory at all), i can assure you, we never wasted a day, 11am being the chosen time that we had to be up and out for, no matter how fragile either one or both of us may have been. We met Stormzy, not really, but in our minds we can keep this story hahaha, we told our taxi driver to drive, maybe in an aggressive manner, we felt weird vibes haha and we realised how stoned stoned can be to the modern day university student in daily living. The airport had to be reached by 5am this time around, we had the pleasure of grabbing the cases and McDonald’s in a second, of course rather than sacrifice and time to dance. Can i just also add, I am really struggling here to share with you how much of a great place and great people and nightlife is provided in Newcastle whilst keeping some of the best stories out of my typing. Some things just can’t be told dear reader. However, i am sure you can understand, a congratulations is in order of our accomplishments in 2017, being young and never thinking, and seeking anything a person can while still able. No one can be blamed, only congratulated. Trip 2, ‘Barceloni’.

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Trip 3. This one, again afforded by tab, was book within the space of 3 day being home. Myself and Sara both work together, so midst meeting over a charity event i’m organising for The Monsoon Accessorize Charity ( you should honestly look this up by the way, the company is doing great things, and really has been quietly for years now), we did in fact over coffee and company conversation, book flights, and this time, of course now being pro travellers, booked air b n b. Shout out to James, he even got us an Easter bunny, suiting the season. This trip, we finally clicked. We actually love Newcastle in general. Trip two we done some tourist trips, and even with all that accomplished, we still were up for 11am, this time, unnecessary shopping was the case. Dancing again. Alongside, of course, more friends were made, and even some visiting Belfast this June, shout out to Snakehips and the boys hahaha. This trip also saw Sara meet a little version of her main Newcastle man, and us both being hit with the realisation of Italians being a very intriguing part of my life at times.. THAT’S TRIP 3.

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And so, the story comes to an end. We found flights to go back this month for £20, the cheapest yet, but, as we sat, a tear coming to our eyes as we laughed in the tattoo studio, where yes we got matching ‘bird’ tattoos in memory of our visits and extensive bonding, as well as taking it too far and also getting initials for our dear friends Rachel and Susan (these two are actually names we have given ourselves.. i know.. crazy.. but if Beyonce can, aka Sasha, we will too hahahaha), we said no. For the first time in months, we had to say no to Newcastle, and although sad, it was a wise choice we made together.. for once. Don’t worry, we won’t be keeping hold of wisdom for long.

Newcastle, upon Tyne, not my usual adventure, but it’s a place i really think both myself and Sara will go back to again. It’s not too far, easy to get to, and when i say we have the most fun that we can have, i really do mean it! This is me recommending you to go over asap.

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